Meditate: Why, How & Cuz

Meditation is too often overlooked as a valuable form of self-improvement.  If you’ve ever tried it, then you know how helpful it can be to the mind, body and spirit.  If you haven’t tried it, then it is entirely possible you are carrying around way too much stress in your life that could eventually cause long term physical damage.  The threat of stress is real, and taking some time to clear your thoughts and focus on peacefulness is highly recommended, not just for your own private thoughts, but also for how you feel physically.  But how do you meditate effectively, and why is it important to your continued development as a human being?

How to Meditate

The first thing you need to do when you get ready for meditation is find a private place, where you can de-stress and focus on anything but the demands of your day.  Meditation requires a place of focus, but not necessarily silence.  Some people prefer to play music or sounds of nature while they meditate.  The key is finding what works with your personality.  What relaxes you?   Once you find the answer to that question, your thoughts will then become free enough to roam in a constructive and coherent manner.  You want to build absolute and complete awareness both within and outside of yourself, and if the environment isn’t right, then that won’t be possible.

Once the environment is established, it’s time for you to run back through the events and the thoughts of what happened during your day.  You need to bundle them all together as if boxing up Christmas decorations.  Once you get them into the right container within your mind, it’s time to put them away until the time comes where you may need them again.  It takes a little preparation and training, but gradually you learn to let the big things fall away, and that makes it much easier to de-burden yourself from the rest.  Letting go of the past and the present and opening your thoughts to an absolute state of awareness is essential in the meditation process.  More than essential, it is your actual endgame.

Once you get in to a routine of meditation time, you will become better at it, and your environment will start to take shape into the one that you wish for it to be.  Perfect meditation does not happen overnight, but it does happen with the more routine you make it.  And it is important to make it a routine.  Why?  Because it teaches you that health and wellness – and that means all forms of health, not just physical – are essential for long life and quality of life.  Don’t take the practice for granted.